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My Approach to Therapy

I believe that in the safety of an empathic, non-judging, and compassionate therapeutic environment anxiety, depression, and a multitude of other issues can be addressed. It is within this safe framework that together we can embark upon a journey of trying to understand the behavioral and emotional patterns that have developed, the ways that they are maintained, how they continue to influence your life, and how to respond and behave in healthier ways.

The goal is first and foremost to feel relief from the constant pain and struggle. Once feeling supported and less overwhelmed, it becomes somewhat easier to examine the patterns that you are engaging in, how they developed, and how and why they are being maintained. The ultimate goal of psychotherapy is to use your newfound insight and awareness to create lasting change.

Therapy is a process of self-discovery in which you can find new ways of relating to yourself and others. Therapy is a place where you can feel safe, supported, and nurtured. Therapy is a means to improve your life satisfaction and overall emotional well-being.